3)The Great Ones
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Here are a few of my Favorites. I never get tired of watching there movies. Chuck Norris never made a western but I still consider him a cowboy. John Wayne got his start very young when Tom Mix hired him to work with the props, Tom him self was the one who started it all, he was cool, fast and did his own stunts. Lonesome Dove was one of the best westerns ever made. Tom Selleck only made a few westerns but they were fantastic.
Gus, Lonesome Dove Hoppy In Life Tom Mix was the first Cowboy Star Gary Cooper Gene AutryRoyRogers and Dale Evens Gus and Call Lonesome Dove
The Lone Ranger Tonto Clint Eastwood Is just to cool Tex Ritter William Boyd aka Hopalong Cassidy Chuck Norris The Texas Ranger The Duke, John Wayne
Tom Selleck as Quiggly Tom Selleck as Quiggly Tom Selleck and Sam Elliot Matthew Quiggly Crossfire TrailTom Selleck In Crossfire Trail
By S.W. Pickens