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The mytho's of the cowboy was generated by the film industry, in fact the very first film shot was a western, "The Great Train Robbery".
In the beginning, the publicists made up elaborate biographies about the stars to attract the interest of the children. Some of these stories were seen as fact by news papers, adult fans, and the critics. Today when a biography is written about the old actors and there exploits it will contain these stories. Separating fact from fiction isn't always easy.
As the film age entered into the sound era, the need for more dramatic stimulation was required, music was the result. In the early 30's the "Singing Cowboy" made his debut. Believe it or not, the first singing cowboy was John Wayne in a "b" western entitled "Randy Rides Alone".
The singing cowboy's were quite popular with the fans, and as a result "Country Western" music enjoyed a tremendous boost in sales.
Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Tex Ritter were some of the best selling artist's. Songs on the radio would promote the movie, the movie would promote the record, and the record would promote the artist. A marriage made in heaven.

By Scott Pickens 2002